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16 One


Single channel: 16mm | silent | 2 minutes 36 seconds | 2022

16 One

A project started in 1964 and finished in 2022. 

Sourced from a home movie originally filmed in 1964. The film was then buried outside of my current home in North Carolina for 18 days. As the film advances forward, the emulsion deteriorates until all figural representation is lost.


Approximately 60 feet of 16mm film, buried in a field 4 miles off the Cape Fear River. At the time of excavation, the film's emulsion was highly unstable due to location temperature and the lack of film on the reel. Less total film equates to less protection against decay. The film was dried out and cleaned over a three-day process before being digitally scanned. 

Soil samples were taken from the exact location of the burial. The soil was tested for pH level, moisture, and temperature. Records were kept of location temperature and precipitation levels.

16 One
16 One
16 One
16 One

Selected Exhibitions:

Fried Fruit Gallery, Wilmington, North Carolina

ULTRAcinema XI MEKAS 100, Mexico City, Mexico

Altered Images, London, United Kingdom

Soto Aqua, Venice, Italy

Film Diary NYC, Millennium Film Workshop, New York, New York

Harkat 16mm Film Festival, Mumbai, Maharashtra. India

Living With Buildings - IV, Coventry, England 

SEFF Binghamton, Binghamton, New York

Interface Video Art Festival, Zagreb, Croatia

XPRMNTL anti-festival, London, United Kingdom

Fisura International Festival of Experimental Film, Mexico City, Mexico

Fountain Street Gallery Video Series, Boston, Massachusetts

Artscape Gibraltar Point, LIFT Analogue Resilience, Toronto, Canada


Floral Cow Studios, Bloomington, Indiana

Remiera della Giudecca, Giudecca Island, Venice, Italy

Celaya Experimental Film, Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico

Other Lights, Curated by Carlos Cruz, Wienstation, Vienna, Austria

Exploding Cinema, The Cinema Museum, London, United Kingdom

16 One
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