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Lovers Leap

Collaboration with Jonathan Furnell and Rachel Pittman

Single channel video: 4k video | sound | 3 minutes 18 seconds | 2023

Two-channel installation: HD video + 16mm to digital + VHS to digital | sound | 2023


Lovers Leap is on ongoing multi-modal work that explores Appalachian identity, mediation, and representation across mediums.

Presented first as a single channel video work and performance, blending found footage collage film, modern dance, and projection mapping. 

The found footage piece is a layering of Martha Graham's Appalachian Spring (16mm), a mid-century Appalachian educational film (16mm), and a 1980s North Carolina tourism video (VHS) that creates a collage of different delineations of Appalachia.  

Installed a second time as part of the 11th Annual {Re}Happening at Black Mountain College across a single twelve hour window. 

As the projections continually looped, participants were encouraged to draw on and alter the screens, creating a permanent document of each participant while existing as part of an impermanent exhibition.

Supported by Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center.

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