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4k video (single channel) | sound | 03:18 | Directed by Jonathan Furnell | Produced by Rachel Pittman

Lovers Leap began as a single-channel piece blending found footage collage film with modern dance.

The found footage film is a layering of Martha Graham's Appalachian Spring, a mid-century Appalachian educational film, and a 1980s Western North Carolina tourism video. The piece is a collage of different representations of Appalachia across multiple mediums and time.

With support from Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center, we were given the opportunity to install a live version of this project as a part of the 11th annual {Re}Happening. The project shifted from a single-channel project to a site-specific exhibition and performance. In addition to the two screen projection, we added another channel directly across, creating a room within the exhibition space. The projections were identical to each other, running on an indefinite loop.  

There is an impermanence within the projected images on the screen as well as an impermanence within a Happening in general. In this specific case, the piece is installed and uninstalled across twelve hours, creating one window for performance and audience participation. Allowing the audience to draw and alter the screens created a permanent document of each participant while being a part of an impermanent exhibition. 

We chose to not hide our grip equipment. Part of the original idea behind the project was to "embrace the set", similarly to a stage production. We positioned the process as being as valuable as the finished piece. 

Lovers Leap is an ongoing project, designed to respond to the exhibition space.

Lovers Leap

Project sketch and development for projection layout

Lovers Leap
Lovers Leap
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